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Lean UX Products design

There are many bumps on the road to success for the startups, name one: product development, testing, QA, engineering … let’s start with UX. UX is User Experience, the buzz word around the valley right next to “Design”. For resource strained young start ups, UX products design is a critical part of the development cycle. … Continue reading

How The Juggernauts Navigate: Enterprise Agile

This meetup was held in LinkedIn HQ in Mountain View. It’s often said “size matters”, when the project gets bigger and complicated in an enterprise environment, People who work in the medium to large companies are all too familiar with politics, cultures, diversities, when the roadblocks and hurdles show up in the least expected places. … Continue reading

Good UX Starts With Lean

The event was held in Medallia office in Palo Alto. Always learn from customers. For many startups, the user testing should be the very first task to do before any others. Steve Cohn from Validately gave the presentation based on his personal start-up experience. He shared many insights on User Experience (UX), the advices he … Continue reading

The Firefoxes Came Out To Play

┬áMozilla Firefox FWD Graduation Demo Day The event is delightful, it’s held right on Castro St, a very inconspicuous building, after going through the maze, I came to an excited crowd where people are already chatting. Lovely atmosphere. Nice multimedia set up, working fairly well with projectors and multiple screens, most time the microphone worked, … Continue reading