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E.A.D. The Peanut butter Jar

E.A.D. : Every Annoying Design. This annoying design is more popular than most people realize. This is my favorite peanut butter, every time when I try to finish the last bit, the grooves near the bottom just prevent a clean sweep. Can you imagine how much food is wasted ? Advertisements

Is That An Apple On Your Wrist?

Apple is making a big push for the Apple Watch ? Will it take off ? Many have tried but failed, does Apple still have the magic halo post-Jobs ? I am keep an curious eye.

Toys For Big Boys: Hardware 599

Most meetups held at Hacker Dojo are software related, but Silicon Valley has always been growing on two legs: Software & Hardware, it’s just not so glamorous like other billion-dollar soft- tech companies. The event was sponsored by LePow, a company HQ in Shenzhen, China. It has been developping, manufacturing and marketing mobile device accessories … Continue reading

V2V: Connected And Automatic Vehicles

Despite the name ” automobile”, today most cars we drive  are far from “automatic”.  This meetup was held at Nissan Research Center in Silicon Vally by SV Autonomous Vehicle Enthusiasts. Greg Larson from Caltran Traffic Op Research gave an excellent presentation. He went over the research history of auto-drive vehicles, how it started, sputtered & … Continue reading

Seeing Through -ORA1

This event was held at Hacker DoJo by SV&SF Android Dev groups. Mr Kayvan Mirza, CEO from OptInvent gave the presentation over the Ora smart glasses, he brought a pair of prototype smart glasses, he went over the features of the ORA, the main product, how it compared to Google glasses and potentials for developers. … Continue reading

Best Practices for Software Engineers with SV Pigs

This is one of the best talks I have attended.  Shannon JJ Behrens prepared the talk well, his slides are straightforward, has a great sense of humor, the talk was filled practical real-world experience. He talked on code orgainization, code reviewer, documentation, I especially like his advice on commuication amongst programers.   PS:  Although the … Continue reading