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Tongues & Babels

This meet up was about the Internationalize AngularJS: Globalized Apps for a Global Audience. It was held at Google Mountain View Campus. Rahul from Dailymotion gave the presentation. As most developers would know, machine translation across the different languages could be tricky if not complicated, the same spoken language could have different ways of writing … Continue reading

T-SQL Window Functions Part 4

This meetup was held at Microsoft Mountain View Office by SV SQL Server User Group, only half the registered made it due to the bad concert traffic on 101/237/85/82, Ami Levin waited patiently, that was nice of him. This was more like a semi-workshop type with a lot of Q&As, he went through SQL functions … Continue reading

Dart 1.0

Seth Ladd, mobile, multiple play, HTML5, Dart,  Dartium, dart2js,  Dart power tools