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E.A.D. The Peanut butter Jar

E.A.D. : Every Annoying Design.

This annoying design is more popular than most people realize.

This is my favorite peanut butter, every time when I try to finish the last bit, the grooves near the bottom just prevent a clean sweep.

Can you imagine how much food is wasted ?

20150422_160708 20150422_160731 20150422_160806


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2 thoughts on “E.A.D. The Peanut butter Jar

  1. I feel at a glance that a cone shape would be a superior design, with a slightly rounded tip, maybe a size of ~50mm (roughly 2 inches). This would make it easier to scrape the sides completely clean, and the rounded tip would be a good size for the typical spoon.

    The current design requires angling the knife in such a way that only a small amount of surface area will be touched by whatever you use to try to get the peanut butter out.

    This raises the question though, how messy the container would become. Peanut butter is sticky by nature, and would stick to the lid when opened. Consumers tend to move away from messy condiments (think of the many many “easy squeeze” containers). Alternately however, many organic peanut butters already suggest being stored upside down so the oil doesn’t rise to the surface and become messy when stirred.

    Posted by Melanie Barcant | April 23, 2015, 13:15


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