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E.A.D. The Peanut butter Jar

E.A.D. : Every Annoying Design. This annoying design is more popular than most people realize. This is my favorite peanut butter, every time when I try to finish the last bit, the grooves near the bottom just prevent a clean sweep. Can you imagine how much food is wasted ?

E.A.D. The Mac cables

This morning when I looked at my Apple monitor cable, there was a noticble small crack.  Now this has become one of my pet peeves. For all the brilliance of Apple industrial design, this one annoyes the hell out of me. The flaws I see are two folds: 1) the lack of strain relief. 2) … Continue reading


The event was held at Google campus. How to scale up without getting bloated?

Forms Angular 2

Google angular 2 work in progress

Firebase realtime database

Multiplatform,  multiple device’s