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Toys For Big Boys: Hardware 599

Most meetups held at Hacker Dojo are software related, but Silicon Valley has always been growing on two legs: Software & Hardware, it’s just not so glamorous like other billion-dollar soft- tech companies.

The event was sponsored by LePow, a company HQ in Shenzhen, China. It has been developping, manufacturing and marketing mobile device accessories for the past several years. Several hardware Startups showed their works: a solar panel charger, a motion recording device for ski lovers. Ben Batesman from Indiegogo gave some very good advices on how to pitch your hardware.

These people are the special kind: hardware tinkers whose works are the foundation of Silicon Valley, from HP, IBM, to Apple, GoPro, Nest,… the list goes on,  their inventions are novelties in the beginning, then one day becomes integral parts of our daily lives.

Hardware599 is on the same track perhaps ? For people who like to get their hands dirty, roll-up your sleeves and come to join this dynamic group.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I gave this meet up 7.

Oliver@NorCal, 11.07.2014

Photos of the event:

20141105_190940 20141105_191816 20141105_192534 20141105_192646 20141105_192839 20141105_192946 20141105_193055 20141105_193721

Traitorous Eight: the legend of Fairchild Semiconductor.

IC_Plaque The_Traitorous_Eight


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