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Lean UX Products design

There are many bumps on the road to success for the startups, name one: product development, testing, QA, engineering … let’s start with UX. UX is User Experience, the buzz word around the valley right next to “Design”. For resource strained young start ups, UX products design is a critical part of the development cycle. … Continue reading

Is That An Apple On Your Wrist?

Apple is making a big push for the Apple Watch ? Will it take off ? Many have tried but failed, does Apple still have the magic halo post-Jobs ? I am keep an curious eye.

GDG dev fest

Google Developer Fest on Campus Growth hack talk by Edith Yeung

Polymer The Alter Ego Of Angular ?

Polymer is not new, it’s just less known than the older brother Angular JS. The two share some characteristics yet have different applications and path. If you are web developer, I would suggest you to check it out.

How The Juggernauts Navigate: Enterprise Agile

This meetup was held in LinkedIn HQ in Mountain View. It’s often said “size matters”, when the project gets bigger and complicated in an enterprise environment, People who work in the medium to large companies are all too familiar with politics, cultures, diversities, when the roadblocks and hurdles show up in the least expected places. … Continue reading

Toys For Big Boys: Hardware 599

Most meetups held at Hacker Dojo are software related, but Silicon Valley has always been growing on two legs: Software & Hardware, it’s just not so glamorous like other billion-dollar soft- tech companies. The event was sponsored by LePow, a company HQ in Shenzhen, China. It has been developping, manufacturing and marketing mobile device accessories … Continue reading