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A Bird In The Cloud HTML5 Cross Platform Games

The event was held in Google’s Mountain View office. Collin Green ditched all his slides and got hands dirty quickly, working in the browser with GameClosure DevKit, he showed a live working version of Flappy Bird clone in less than 15min( ?) . The presentation was fun filled, Collin seemed very knowledgeable, the audience kept … Continue reading

Good UX Starts With Lean

The event was held in Medallia office in Palo Alto. Always learn from customers. For many startups, the user testing should be the very first task to do before any others. Steve Cohn from Validately gave the presentation based on his personal start-up experience. He shared many insights on User Experience (UX), the advices he … Continue reading

Finding The Needel From Haystack: Sourcegraph Draws The Python

This event was held at LinkedIn HQ in Mountain View by the BayPIGgies (Python Interest Group). Beyong Liu from Sourcegraph gave a brief introduction of srclib / sourcegraph tools, how it could chop, knit and stitch the very complex world of Python libraries. The project is very ambitious given the nature of language, srclib does … Continue reading

A Powerful Solvent: H2O

When the data set gets too big – I mean it gets to XXXL –  making sense of it can be a real challenge. As we all know,  water is a very common yet incredible powerful solvent, it can break down and solve so many substances. The open source analysis tool H2O is equivalent to … Continue reading

Wait, Response & Find, A Different Methods Of Diagnose SQL performance.

The event was held at Microsoft Mountain View campus. Janis Griffin gave the presentation on how to find the bottlenecks, optimize database, tune and improve performance using response time analysis and wait types. She showed some possible user cases where slowdowns could happen, how to find trouble points by looking at log flush, blocked requests … Continue reading

A Jug of Baratine

This event was held at Google’s Mountain View campus. To be honest, “Baratine” was a total new concept to me, I went to the meetup with great curiosity. Sean Wiley & Nam Nguyen from Caucho gave the presentation on Baratine’s architecture, the performance benefits, etc. Put it simply, Baratine is a combo box of service … Continue reading

0xData, H2O, Kaggle

Party for the data geeks and sciences. The meetup was held at 0xdata ‘s office in Mountain View. Predictive Modeling has always been the holy grail of data scientists, there are a myriads of tools, some are off the shelf, some are custom-made. Amongst them is H2O Deep Learning. Dr Candel gave the real world … Continue reading

V2V: Connected And Automatic Vehicles

Despite the name ” automobile”, today most cars we drive  are far from “automatic”.  This meetup was held at Nissan Research Center in Silicon Vally by SV Autonomous Vehicle Enthusiasts. Greg Larson from Caltran Traffic Op Research gave an excellent presentation. He went over the research history of auto-drive vehicles, how it started, sputtered & … Continue reading

Seeing Through -ORA1

This event was held at Hacker DoJo by SV&SF Android Dev groups. Mr Kayvan Mirza, CEO from OptInvent gave the presentation over the Ora smart glasses, he brought a pair of prototype smart glasses, he went over the features of the ORA, the main product, how it compared to Google glasses and potentials for developers. … Continue reading

Leap Frog The Data Warehouse

This event was held in the Microsoft Mountain View Office, the presentation was given by Microsoft TSP Sean Mikha on Analytics Platform System (APS): Enabling the Modern Data Warehouse He went over some of the modern day data warehouse challenges such as: 1: volume, large ETL thourout, historical data 2: BI & Analytics performance, users … Continue reading