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Graph Comes To Life With Plot.ly

This meetup was held in LinkedIn Mountain View campus. The presentation was given by Matt Sundquist from Plotly. It was a lively 2-hour as Matt showed cases of Plotly web implementation, live data streaming was particularly interesting, web-based plotting with a few common languages like Python, Matlab, R and also 3D plots etc. He answered … Continue reading

Sleep better after developing Android apps

The event was held at Intuit Mountain View office, this is the first time I went there. Logcat, Nelson To. The 1st part was given by Nelson To, he gave practical tips on how to use logcat/spoonlogger to debug apps with specific keys, I liked his concept, his demo didn’t work somehow. The 2nd part … Continue reading

Tongues & Babels

This meet up was about the Internationalize AngularJS: Globalized Apps for a Global Audience. It was held at Google Mountain View Campus. Rahul from Dailymotion gave the presentation. As most developers would know, machine translation across the different languages could be tricky if not complicated, the same spoken language could have different ways of writing … Continue reading

Spear & Shileld: Security In The Connected Age

This meetup was held at Microsoft Campus in Mountain View. The 1st part of the talk was given by Steven Van Lare from 41st Parameter, he went over the current trends of Net-security, fraud characteristics, difficulty of combating the attacks, potential problems, how 41st Parameter took a different approach by concentrating on device recognition with … Continue reading

Realm database: a new kid in town for the mobile development

The meetup was held at BlueJeansNetwork office in Mountain View. The meeting was tele-linked from several locations,  Tim Anglade explained the advantages of RealmDB over the more conventional SQLite, also as the possible replacement for CORE data. It should be low-footprint, thread-safe database, another interesting claim is memory-efficiency, due to its store-on-device nature, the latency … Continue reading

T-SQL Window Functions Part 4

This meetup was held at Microsoft Mountain View Office by SV SQL Server User Group, only half the registered made it due to the bad concert traffic on 101/237/85/82, Ami Levin waited patiently, that was nice of him. This was more like a semi-workshop type with a lot of Q&As, he went through SQL functions … Continue reading

When Machines Think — Deep Learning Through Examples

This meetup was held at Vendavo office in Mountain View. To my (very) limited knowledge, I went in with oodles of curiosity of Deep Learning using R. The talk lasted an hour and half, Dr Candel gave a quick introduction of H2O Distributed Deep Learning. I admit it was only till halfway through did I … Continue reading

MVP Dreams Crushed

This event was held at LinkedIn campus by Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network meetup group. About 70 people attended the event. Tristan Kromer gave a lively presentation on MVP, building, testing, developing or more importantly what not to do. It was fully interactive, with limited time, he gave startup-scenarios for the audience to practice, discuss … Continue reading

Android wears

Low interaction,  nodr api, message api, data api,

Icf san France isco

Msg,  me, sage, usr your, yiu, her, his, slow doen speech,  consistence, guerrilla publicity book, networking magic, uuoohh, show bup twice a month, use statistics, sound byte, “I heard you someeherrr”. Coach tomothy Wong, during demo, hold it by the face, get noticed , get referals,  name and fave recognition,  name, website, everything you got, … Continue reading