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Pnp demo

Dquis io, optia, mdm support, Advertisements

BAms BI User group

Sales force and seqrl, patrick mundy , bizrivet, integratingsalesforce with ms sql sever, rockereeave, salesforce, and enterprises data,set up 2way synch breeeen CRM, sddc data loader,integratu Ion sokutuons/, dataloade,io, SSIS in conjunction with 3rd party connectors, dbamp,starfish etl, crm migration, scribe, ,infornTica, cloudHub, case#,  push dara into sakesforce,

Creating perfect Angular, make it real time.

Model View Control

Business Intelligence Dynamics, SQL Saturday

Bi projects different from database,  laws of physics,  feature, time, cost, dimension and semantic modelling,

MAnaing 7unmanageable

Management and agile, empoweering self organization, and excellece,

Wearable tech

Romo, ultra sound,, fiundamentally it’s about user base.technology and fashion are one. Intro to modern service robotics,  weak voice,  future of input, trsndcranial direct current stimulation tdcs, TMS,ultrasonic transcranial stimulation device,

Ansible automate IT

Eas learning code, over1 m dl, define problem, connect and understand, using ansible as a commabd,