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Microsoft HQ

Zero downtime for apps on SQL, create agile data tier,  DNS, level, TCP/IP, ARP level,  synchronization data: rrad intent, use read intent. m

Practical performance tips for JavaScript

app cache manifest file, cacheble content, minimize images,  use native image resolution, use spirit, imagrs, download to display. Avoid inline style, avoid embedded style, avoid inline JavaScript, asynchronously download script.  Leverage CDS trandfotms. JSon faster than XML, numbers in JavaScript, avoid floating points,, use inyeger. Take advantage of type speciization for arithmetic, avoid chattiness with … Continue reading

Google glass design principal

Weekend before and you so you know, dedigm for glass, dnt get in way, keep it relevant, avoid unexpected, build for people. Don’t go app, establish hierachy with color, dsign for emotion,

Gluster Meetup

New features, overview of ceph acquisiaqtion, use case discussion, open qa, nas file system,  owned by redhat, ceph , openstack, comparison,