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Best Practices for Software Engineers with SV Pigs

This is one of the best talks I have attended.  Shannon JJ Behrens prepared the talk well, his slides are straightforward, has a great sense of humor, the talk was filled practical real-world experience. He talked on code orgainization, code reviewer, documentation, I especially like his advice on commuication amongst programers.   PS:  Although the … Continue reading

Meeting the future: NAO robots

This was SV-JUG’s monthly event with some unusual mixture thrown in: two humanoid robots. The two white creatures were certainly eye catching while performing various actions on the table in front.good

Sql analyst service

Online analytical processing engine,  working woth cubes

Ios monthly, coursera

Hsl,  vilynx,   video preview,

Gdg 051414

Htc duallens sdk, dual sdk, android studio,

Excrl cube, ms mv

Peter myer, intro,  pivot table,

Synth, angular frame work

, features, clients side, new way of rendering interactive websites

Big data hardoop tez dag query testing,

Reduce slow start pre launch, hive TPC Ds scale 200 GB , pig performance gains, data at scales