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Lessons for protection of brands and inventions in China

KL Gates, at HP Museum.  KLGATES  world wide market,  IP procurement, portfolio management, litigation, register in both HK, and China, trade mark squatting, domain squatting, claims of affiliate,. brand copying, copying logo, China, first to file, us is first to use, priority filing, trade mark protection, purpose of protection,  copyright, logos, designs, software, domain names, … Continue reading

slide free Java

white box pizza, salad, l

ms store social media marketing made simple

best practice and strategy. four square  for small biz, non profits, onstant contact,  what’s social marketing?  what’s it, more customers, volunteer, brands, sales, build loyal happy customers,  start up start presence,  share likes to get coupon, food, sandwich, soft drink, salad

PR Hacker at Hacker Dojo

This meetup is organized by the Stanford Ignitor program, the speaker is outstanding, Ben Kaplan put on a well prepared session, his energetic talk, with power point slides, his personal experience and case studies all proved very valuable lesson for the young entreuprenures or would be start up founders etc. At the end of the … Continue reading

Intel XDK for HTML5

in a  meeting room  by the lobby, no audio set up, video small, technical 3,  interaction  2,  lot room to improve, some of the audience questions not asked. venue: 2 tech: 3 food: 2

SF Bay Area Free mium meeting

held at Hacke Dojo, it’s in the big garage, sponsored by sponsored by dice, zuora. working av set up, Sramsna Mitra gave frank candit talk on business model eloquently,  some thoughts, Chinese engineer s, brush up your presentation skills.

IBM analytics Big Data

Well organized,  quality speakers  covered topics on ﹏﹏ IBM takes security seriously,  guest log im has to change password,  towards nd of meeting, each participant was given the chance to speak for themselves, good audio  set up. video setup soso,  food OK,  simple food,  fresh.

The Firefoxes Came Out To Play

 Mozilla Firefox FWD Graduation Demo Day The event is delightful, it’s held right on Castro St, a very inconspicuous building, after going through the maze, I came to an excited crowd where people are already chatting. Lovely atmosphere. Nice multimedia set up, working fairly well with projectors and multiple screens, most time the microphone worked, … Continue reading